Catch a Cheater using Facebook
Catch a Cheater with Facebook


we will flirt with your partner online

Our attractive, yet realistic male or female models will use Facebook or Instagram to strike up a conversation and tempt your significant other into accepting a date or giving out their phone number.

Will your date take the bait?
This is a surefire way to find out how your partner reacts to the advances of someone who is good looking when you are not around.

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we will chat with your ex

Our attractive, yet realistic male or female models will use Facebook or Instagram to strike up a conversation and eventually ask your ex questions to reveal juicy answers about your previous relationship, such as why it didn't work and why they decided to break up, etc.

It may seem like a difficult task to get someone to open up to a stranger they just met online but surprisingly most people will. The breakup is usually weighing on their mind and they want to get things off their chest.

People going through a breakup or getting over one will jump at any chance to talk about their breakup. We are experts on making people feel comfortable, gaining their trust and then ultimately getting them to reveal their true feelings about you.

Will your ex spill the beans?
This is the best way to get inside the mind of your ex. Was really caused them to end things? Was there someone else in the picture?

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Don't get caught doing this yourself - leave it to the pros!
Perhaps you have thought about doing some of these things yourself by creating a fake profile? Fake Facebook accounts are against the Facebook terms of service and are very easy to spot. Even if you succeeded in creating a believable account it would take months or years to make it look authentic.

By attempting this yourself you also risk being caught by your partner or ex. If they suspect it is you they may decide to investigate and trace the creation of your fake account.

Our accounts belong to REAL people so your partner will not suspect they are being set up.

We will choose a model that is a believable match for your partner.

Read how our different options work

who do they have a crush on

We have developed a genius way to find out who anyone has a crush on using a fake crush analyzer link that you send to your target.

You have a crush on them but do they have a crush on YOU?

Does your gf/bf have a crush on someone else other than you?

You won't believe how well this sneaky method works...

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We will call your girlfriend

We will call your partner pretend to be with a new woman's or men's magazine. We will ask for only one minute of their time to answer a very short five question survey to produce statistics on infidelity in modern relationships.These are the questions we will ask:

Are you in a relationship?
How long have you been in this relationship?
Have you ever hooked up with anyone other than your partner since dating them? If so how long into the relationship and how many times?
Was the affair purely sexual or was there feelings involved?
Are you planning on hooking up with the person again?
Do you plan on telling your partner about this outside relationship or do you plan on breaking up with your current partner because of the affair?

Find the answers to the juiciest questions you have ever had about your partner!

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We will handwrite a fake secret admirer letter

We will personally hand write a secret admirer letter and mail it to you. We will produce the letter with male or female handwriting. The letter will read something like:

"I totally have a secret crush on you. I'm new to the city and would like to get to know you. Don't worry, despite this letter which may seem creepy, I assure you I am not. I can send you photos also if you like. I'm sure you won't be disappointed... Text me if your interested in knowing more ;)
- your secret admirer 555-555-555"

We will provide the phone number that will be listed at the end of the letter. Just place the letter on their car window or on their desk at work and sit back and wait to see if they take the bait. If they do you will be notified immediately and we will continue to see how far we can take the text conversation, including sending pics and setting a date to meet in person etc. We will then send screen shots of the conversation to you.

You would be surprised how many people fall for this. Will your partner take the bait?

Order Option 5 - ONLY $69.95




"omg thanks so much. I thought my bf would fall for this but he acted like a perfect gentleman. We are talking about getting married so this puts my mind to rest. Thanks again for your prompt service!"

"I think what you guys are doing is awesome! lol"

"I tried this service out and just got my results back. I'll admit I'm really upset by how my girlfriend reacted to your set up but I guess I'm not totally surprised either... I had suspected she might be unfaithful so this just confirms my suspicions. I have been on the fence about breaking up with her so this helps my decision to leave her. I feel weird thanking you for this but deep down I'm glad to know the truth so thanks for helping me out"

"Thanks for your prompt service. I figured as much. I feel sick to my stomach right now but on to the next"

"All my friends are using this after I got my results. Its about time cheaters got exposed like this. Very clever tricks you use. I just want to find a guy that will pass one of these tests already"

catch a cheater with facebook
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