Creating a Fake Facebook Profile To Catch a Cheater

If you have ever been in a relationship you have probably had the burning desire to know how the other person would react to the advances of a good looking person when you aren't around. The oldest method used to test the other person's loyalty is something straight out of grade school where you would enlist the help of one of your good looking friends to flirt with your date when you are not around. Of course this can make an awkward mess afterwards and what if your friend ends up stealing your boyfriend or girlfriend?

The more modern approach to testing your partner's loyalty is to create a fake facebook profile. Most people have thought about doing this at one point in our relationships but what stops most of us is the amount of work required to create a real looking profile. Not only do you have the task of friending hundreds of strangers, you must also have a dated profile that spans a few years back with posts and comments being constantly added to appear authentic.

One way around creating a fake profile is to find a friend who you trust to set your partner up. Of course once you confront your significant other with the evidence it makes your firend look bad and could put them in danger.

After examining all these different methods for testing your partners loyalty on facebook and seeing how difficult of a task it can be to do properly, it is no suprise that a company has launched an online service that specializes in facebook loyalty testing. And it may come of little suprise when I tell you that I am the founder of that company.

I came up with the idea after being cheated on in my last 3 relationships. I have a background in web development and social media management and decided to put my skills to use to prevent any further heartache. I vowed after my last broken heart that I would never allow someone to hurt me again. They say all is fair in love and war, and what is more important than knowing the absolute truth about your partners loyalty. I have tested my system on my current girlfriend who actually passed with flying colours. You have no idea how relived I was to see her pass the test. I can sleep easy knowing that she has will power and loves me enough to resist any outside temptation. I plan on testing her every 3 months or so until I am 100% convinced she is loyal.

If anyone is in a situation where they need evidence of cheating or just need some reassurance, check out my services at You deserve to know the truth!


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