Dealing with Jealousy

We all get jealous sometimes...

We all get jealous from time to time. It is a natural emotion. We all know that acting jealous is a big turn off but sometimes we just can’t help it. For me it isn't’t about being jealous as much as it is about being disrespected. It feels especially disrespectful when someone flirts with someone right in front of you. If your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is willing to flirt with someone else right in front of you imagine would they do when you are not around. If your partner flirts in front of you they almost certainly do so when you are not around and the intensity of the flirting is probably worst. In most cases people who flirt in front of their partner are also cheating or willing to cheat on their partner.

If your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse demonstrates this disrespectful behavior you should end the relationship. If you want hard evidence that they would flirt on you behind your back we suggest you use our professional service here at where we use good looking people to flirt with your partner using Facebook. We then send you a screen shot of the conversation.

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