signs of cheating

Signs of Cheating

Signs your girlfriend or wife is cheating

1. She picks fights or seems more annoyed by you than usual.
2. She is critical of you and even compares your shortcomings to other guys.
3. She doesn't text or call you as much.
4. She buys new clothes, goes tanning buys new makeup etc.
5. She stays out later than usual.
4. Talks about how funny or cool a new co-worker is.
5. Starts snooping through your phone and computer to find dirt on you as a way of rationalizing their cheating.
6. Is checking her phone more than usual and hides the screen from you while she is texting.
7. Never leaves her phone around you alone.
8. Refers to a guy friend or coworker of hers as "buddy" instead of using his real name out of guilt or she is sub consciously trying to keep him a secret or protect him.
9. She keeps her friends separate from you.
10. You hear rumors.
11. She is flirty around your friends.
12. She is between the ages of 18 and 20.
13. She enjoys watching TV shows where the plot lines involve affairs and cheating.
14. She constantly tries to ask you if you are cheating on her or have anything to get off your chest. This is her trying to start a conversation where she will have the opportunity to get something off her chest...
15. She gets late night text messages or phone calls.
16. Is overly affectionate one day out of the blue after being out with her friends.

Signs your boyfriend or husband is cheating

1. He acts more annoyed or starts fights easily.
2. He puts you down and points out shortcoming or faults.
3. He stays late at the office.
4. Acts as if he is avoiding you.
5. Stops spending money on you.
6. Plans get away trips with his guy friends more than usual.
7. Cleans his car and buys new clothes.
8. Hides his phone.
9. Password protects his computer or phone when it hasn't been before.
10. His sheets are always washed before you come over.
11. He starts working out and tanning.

Remember these are just some of the signs of cheating. Always trust your gut but make sure you have concrete evidence before you accuse them of anything.

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