NEW - Surefire Way to Find Out WHO their Secret Crush is

We have developed a genius way to find out who anyone has a crush on using a fake crush analyzer link that you send to your target. You have a crush on them but do they have a crush on YOU? Does your gf/bf have a crush on someone else other than you? You won't believe how well this sneaky method works...

Our Sneaky Crush Analyzer Will Trick Him To Revealing Who His Secret Crush Is!

We will generate a link to a numerology based "Crush Analyzer" which you can then send to your crush, by Facebook, Twitter, text message or anywhere you can post a link for them to check out.

When they click on the link they will be taken to a page with a simple crush analyzer form where they will be asked to enter their name and the name of their crush. If they have a crush it will be hard for them not to try it out! The best part is that whatever names they enter into the form will be sent directly back to us!

There is no better way to read their mind and find out who they secretly has a crush on!

Screen Shot of our fake Crush Analyzer page

We are the ONLY company that owns the technology to execute this type of service. Just provide your email address and we will send you the link that you can use to send to your target. It can be used on one person only, so choose who you want to send it to carefully. The target may enter as many names as they want to find compatibility scores. We will send you a list of all the names they entered into the form within a week period.

We suggest sending the link via text or Facebook messenger with a personalized message that reads something like "Hey Kate I usually don't believe in these things but it seems pretty accurate. lol" Basically whatever kind of message you think will get them to click on the link it without thinking its spam.

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